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Catholic Church Philly Trial

Still no verdict in the child sex abuse trial of a Roman Catholic monsignor, the highest-ranking U.S. clergyman to stand trial in the church’s wide-ranging pedophilia scandal.

As the world watches and waits for the jury to comeback, critical thinking says:

  • If and fact Monsignor William Lynn, who supervised hundreds of priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese for 12 years as secretary of the clergy, is not found guilty on conspiracy and child endangerment, it will be a travesty of justice like never before and will send the message that we the people condone this despicable behavior.
  • The delusional thinking is that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office of Child and Youth Protection says, “It’s shocking what a HANDFUL of priest have done.”  Handful?  6,100 priests have been accused of abusing 16,000 teenage boys since 1950 and they call that a handful?
  • The power of the church is unparalleled in both politics and money.  How is it that the Catholic Church can get away with this after all the years and allegations of abuse, yet the late Joe Paterno, former head coach of Penn State, was fired immediately for his “failure of leadership” in the child sex abuse scandal surrounding his former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who was charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse on young boys?  That kind of punishment should have been implemented in the Catholic Church years ago, instead of the conspiracy of silence which has covered it up.
  • How many more children will be raped and abused by priests before we begin punishing them like the child molesters they are?  The depth and breadth of abuse in the Catholic Church around the world is unbelievable, but until we stand up and start putting these criminals away for good, it’s never going to stop.

The revelations of the past 10 years have effectively wiped out the good deeds of the Catholic Church and demolished its credibility – leaving an open wound on the Body of Christ.

I look forward to your comments.

Steve Siebold

Boy Scouts of America Under Fire

The Boy Scouts of America are coming under fire by more than 275,000 people who signed an online petition calling for the organization to reverse its ban on gay leaders – and so far the Boy Scouts say they have no plans to change their policy.

Critical thinking says:

  • It’s bigotry and hatred, plain and simple.  It’s time for the Boy Scouts to grow up and recognize that homosexuality is neither a choice nor a disease, any more than being a heterosexual is.
  • The Boy Scouts of America claim to be “one of the nation’s most prominent values-based organizations.”  What kind of values are they teaching our kids if they are discriminating against gays?
  • Would the average American allow a bully to beat up a little kid? No, but that’s exactly what the Boy Scouts are doing to homosexuals.   It’s time America grew up and welcomed everyone into our culture as an equal and allowed people to live life on their own terms.
  • In a country that claims to be a Christian nation, we have a funny way of demonstrating Christ-like behavior towards minorities.  Educated Americans know that homosexuals are no better or worse than anyone else, and should be left alone to pursue their own version of the American dream.

This is the 21st Century and I predict that gay marriage will be legal across the country in the next ten years – forcing organizations like the Boy Scouts to get with the times and update their policies.

I look forward to your comments.

Steve Siebold